Support – Network Issues

Network Issues:  There are currently no known issues:

Past issues:

Chorus ADSL/VDSL VOIP Customers:  4-7 Nov 18
Affected services: ADSL/VDSL VOIP Customers

VOIP services on all ADSL/VDSL internet circuits were down as Chorus made an unannounced change to how packets from DSL circuits are treated by honouring priority on UFB but not xDSL.

DSL packets marked with a priority were being dropped by Chorus, thus stopping VOIP phone traffic for all DSL customers

Chorus Firmware Update: 10 Sep 18 08:00 – 11 Sep 18 12:00
Affected services: Wellington region UFB connections 11pm 10/9/2018 to 6am 11/9/2018

Some Wellington region UFB connections will experience an outage of up to 23 minutes as they upgrade firmware.

Chorus UFB Optimisations : 04 Sep 18 08:00 – 05 Sep 18 12:00
Affected services:

This Wednesday morning between 1 AM and 6 AM all Wellington region UFB connections will experience an outage of less than one minute as Chorus rolls out an optimisation update.

If you have any issues on Wednesday morning please do not hesitate to contact us.

CityLink Issues : 03 Sep 18 16:36 – 04 Sep 18 12:00
Affected services: SL3 Internet Upload and Download speed

SL3’s upstream internet provider CityLink, have advised they are aware of some internet speed issues affecting some customers.

To rectify this, they intent to reboot a control card, around midnight.

SL3 Phone Service: 29 Aug 18 10:03 – 30 Aug 18 15:25
Affected services: Landline phone services

Ufone’s  (SL3’s phone services supplier) upstream provider Devoli experienced a major outage, affecting services in Australia and New Zealand.

Chorus UFB Changes: 21 Aug 18 23:00 – 22 Aug 18 12:00
Affected services:

Chorus have advised they will be making configuration changes in their UFB network on the 21st of August starting from 11:00 PM.
This will result in an outage of up to 20 minutes on all UFB connections.