Smartlinx 3 Limited is historically a Layer 2 provider (provides the fibre/ethernet cable/wireless connectivity – the roadways for internet to travel on) for Councils and Internet providers, but can now offer Layer 3 (Internet included) services to Council, Business and Residential customers.

Smartlinx 3 has its own fibre around the Porirua CBD, Upper Hutt CBD and Lower Hutt CBD, so can provide a reliable layer 2 service to councils and businesses needing connectivity in those areas using the SL3 fibre backbone.

Within these zones, Smartlinx 3 can provide a safe and secure diverse fibre service, fully independent from the Chorus network.

Outside these zones we can lease a chorus fibre, and connect this to our network, to provide the same connectivity options and SLA’s as though you were connected via Smartlinx 3 fibre.

We can also plug a layer 3 internet feed into the back to provide your internet and phone requirements.

Smartlinx 3 also has access to phone services, so we can set our customers up with PABX type services, running across multiple sites, using our VOIP PBX solution, which includes built in redundancy for natural disasters, as it is in the cloud.