Smartlinx3 is a Layer 2, open-access regional broadband network provider.

Smartlinx 3 runs the Porirua City Council Gigabit wifi with 50 2.4/5G access points around the city, offering speeds up to 200x200Mbps on devices like phones and tablets.

Smartlinx 3 has 12 wifi access points around the Lower Hutt cbd proving free public wifi

Smartlinx 3 connects 14 Upper Hutt Police CCTV cameras to the viewing centre for crime detection and prevention

Smartlinx 3 has a Chorus handover, so can connect business and residential customers, with high speed and reliable internet, from Cape Reinga to Invercargill

Open-access Layer 2 fibre optic & wireless network:
Created to provide an improved range of fast, reliable, broadband connections;
10Mbps – 10Gbps via fibre optic network
10Mbps -1.3Gbps via radio network
Provides a choice of multiple Layer 3 (RSP) service providers
Provides a choice of Layer 2 backhaul providers
Complimentary gap filler and competitive alternative to CFH UFB and RBI services
Tool for regional business development
Market differentiator for cost effective communication